Friday Fiction: The Major and the Librarian

Major and the Librarian coverThe Major and the Librarian

Shy librarian Emma Dalton craves stability in her life.  Can she make it work with the handsome Major Sam Griffin? I gotta tell you I am a sucker for a romance featuring any librarian.  We post a lot here and my favorites tend to be the more aggressive of our species, not the “shy” stereotype.  (To be honest, I don’t know too many “shy” types in public library service since that kind of personality type would probably kill you on the job.  Being shy won’t settle down a bunch of teens, break up fights or handle your average crazy person.)

When when we got our hands on this book, I read some of the comments on Amazon and my particular favorite quote is here for your enjoyment.

The Major is obviously an embodiment of the modern industrial military complex, who has a few complexes of his own. The Librarian represents the faltering non-profit co-operative forces of the modern world — forces which are feeling unloved and unsupported but continue to give and give and hate themselves for secretly wishing for capital and attention to come and sweep their troubles away.”

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Major and the Librarian back cover


  1. I just read this book for my book club (we had to pick a Harlequin title) I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I loved the fact that even though she was a librarian it wasn’t all about her being one, it just happened to be her job. It was more a book about them finding a way to reconnect after 4 years.

  2. The reviewer you cite is obviously the embodiment of someone who finds a symbol behind every word, character, and item in a novel, the result of only half-listening to his/her high school English teacher and falling in love with the idea of symbolism. Sometimes a hunk is only a hunk and a librarian is … well, only(!) a librarian.

  3. Eh, I’m shy and I work with the public. It can be done. Took me a while to get used to it, and the circulation desk isn’t my favourite place (even though 97% of our patrons are lovely).

    I’m totally not into the whole military thing…nor the Harlequin thing, actually. I’ll give this a double pass!

  4. I’m actually a terribly shy person, though I’m not a terribly shy librarian. In fact, most people who know me these days are surprised to learn that even just 10 years ago as I was leaving high school, I was painfully shy. They know me as the person who teaches the kids and teens how to make all kinds of crazy crafts, who walks up to teenagers and escorts them out of the library when necessary, who stands up in front of the elementary school to talk to the kids about Summer Reading. A few of my coworkers know, especially when I have to make a phone call and they hear me stammering at an answering machine 🙂

  5. Whew… I like adverbs (more than I should, according to my girlfriend/critic), but “gruffly”, “heartachingly”, and “devastatingly” there on the back cover are a bit much. I can live with “strongly” and “finally”.

    What the heck is up with that last bit, though? It sounds like he’s going to try to convince her to pick up and move around constantly with him. Excuse me, maybe she likes her job.

  6. I re-visited the Runaway Bride book. OMG! Nobody, but NOBODY, has ever asked the question of me), “Ask her about the Dewey Decimal System”! Can you imgagine that as an ice-breaker or pick-up line? But, our heroine is a “rebel” and anti-Dewey. That may explain the sexy knee boots and mini-skirt on the cover…

    Having known only Dewey, I’m now wondering about the other sexy classification systems out there that I don’t know…I’m feeling so un-sexy right now…

  7. So funny! I think I might want to read this just for the cheese factor alone. I especially like the “one last chance…” heading on the back cover. And as a librarian who has worked in both public and academic libraries, I know there are a lot of us “high-functioning introverts” out there.

  8. I started working in a public library when I was 21. And most of the male patrons who ask me out don’t have service records, they have criminal records.

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