Friday Fiction-The Duplicated Man

duplicated manThe Duplicated Man
Blish and Lowndes
1976 (original copyright 1959)

I picked this up as a used book because I thought the cover looked cool. (I am a sucker for interesting cover art.) I get a kick out of how science fiction from the old days, “predict” futures and technology.

Earth and Venus are in a never ending war. Paul Danton is a member of a subversive political party advocating peace with Venus. Paul stumbles upon a duplication machine that “clones” a person. Paul thinks this is the answer to peace. If he could duplicate the right people, they could maybe have a chance in promoting peace.




duplicated man back cover

chapter 1 screen shot


  1. I love an old-fashioned speculative fiction novel. It’s interesting that colonising a planet was such the field of science fiction that the author picked Venus (which is too hot to colonise under current science) than Mars (which of course we are looking to colonise in the future).

    1. Venus-as-colony-planet has a long history. I first ran across it in “Tarrano the Conqueror” on Gutenberg. Worth reading if only for the dated but not as offensive as expected racial views and really quite amazing discovery of Doctor Brende.

  2. Ok, tell me if you want my list of people NOT to clone in the name of world peace!

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