Friday Fiction: The Case of the Missing Coed

Case of the Missing CoedThe Case of the Missing Coed
(Original Title: A Little Sin)

Today’s Friday Fiction is nice little mystery. I love these old paperbacks for the artwork and titillating descriptions. This one is already on my “to read” list.

College math professor Bruce Graham was having a bit of a mid-life crisis. He is 42 and looking for some “attention”‘ from the misses and was told to “act his age”.  Sexy coed, Barbara Case offered him an ride to a meeting. They could discuss his graduate seminar while she drove. This was all perfectly innocent. Then Barbara turns up dead and then all sorts of secrets and lies are exposed.  Temptation is a dangerous thing, people!


A Little Sin


  1. Dam if 42 is old then I better start looking for an assisted living facility ! I do agree the cover art is great……. gotta love the 50’s

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