Friday Fiction: The Boy Who Drank Too Much

the boy who drank too much coverThe Boy Who Drank Too Much

Today’s theme in teen fiction is alcohol. Buff (yes, that is his name) has been coping with an abusive father, a dead mother, and pressure to become the star athlete. Buff and the unnamed narrator became good friends. They played hockey together and as the pressure on Buff continued, he nearly drank himself into a coma. Not a bad story line but it is dated. I do think this plot and book could translate into something more contemporary. The book’s message is that its okay to ask for help and friends can be there for you.

When I was looking for info about this item, I also found out that there was a movie adapted from this book with the same title. The lead roles were played by none other than Chachi himself, Scott Baio and Lance Kerwin, who was probably just as famous at the time. The things you get to find out when you are a librarian who loves to play with WorldCat.


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  1. Yep. If Lance Kerwin was in the movie, it’s time to send this to a happier home. Very few issues are dealt with the same way they were in the 89s.

  2. Nothing screams “late 70s / early 80s” like a tv movie with Scott Baio and Lance Kerwin! Time for it to go.

  3. I remember watching the movie when it originally aired. The only part I really recall is a scene of the boys playing hockey and someone announcing that Scott Baio had wet his pants. I was quite young then and I’ll be fifty next month. Time to toss this one I’m afraid.

  4. I can’t see many people looking at the dank, brown cover with that depressed kid and being eager to buy this, or even check it out. Looks like something the teacher would assign in health class.

    1. I was wondering why I remembered the title and plot, and this tripped my memory. As a high school librarian, we had this video for the health classes to watch. Another school borrowed it from us each semester because it was impossible by then to purchase a copy for themselves and theirs had broken several years before (I was there 2007-2011). It was always a tug-of-war over whose turn it was to use it, with me holding the upper hand since it was under my school’s ownership. Items have since been centralized when school librarians were cut from the district, so I wonder what the current status of this video is.

  5. I never read the book, but it was exactly the kind of stuff I read as a teen. For fun. Yes, I was a very weird kid.

  6. I think the sequel was called, “The Boy Who Drank The Perfect Amount So He Was Really Popular With Girls And Got Invited To All The Best Parties”. For some reason it wasn’t as big of a hit with parents and teachers…

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