Friday Fiction: Taurus Four

Taurus 4 Fiction

Taurus Four

I am always attracted to cover art and this one grabbed my attention right away. I am not sure, but this cover qualifies as weird enough. In this story, a sociologist is stranded on a planet with some lost 20th century hippies. Frank, our career minded academic, is ready to publish away on this group. Add a virgin sacrifice and an alien invasion and you have yourself a nice novel. I haven’t read this one, but the description sounds fun, so I am adding to my tbr pile of books.

Poking around for info on the author brought up Vale’s stint as a communist party member and her work for the HUAC. I now want to dive in and read more about Vale, since her story sounds as good as any fiction.


taurus 4 back cover

inner flap

space sociology


  1. I’m confused as to whether I’m supposed to root for the sociologist or the hippies. Also, sociologists ARE all hippies in my experience, so I’m not sure why the token conservative is one. Has anyone read the novel? I’m guessing Our Hero rescues the virgin, ensures she’s not a virgin anymore, and has to break his engagement. He then lives in peace and harmony with the no-longer-a-virgin, and some newly tamed hippies.

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