Friday Fiction: Summer Reading from the ALB archives

As we are now smack dab in the middle of summer, it’s time to break out some romance. I dug out some seriously old posts of some fabulous romance that you should try.

My criteria:

  • Ridiculous cover
  • Ridiculous scenario
  • Ridiculous “misunderstandings”
  • Ridiculous or jackass boyfriend/”hero”

Grab yourself a refreshing beverage and enjoy these books.

Mary and Holly

Jinxed cover


Today’s romance features another klutzy girl called Kit. Kit has been hired as a director for a research and testing job with a toy company. A series of misunderstandings and accidents has caused the boss man to say she is “jinxed.” (It’s amazing how often one has to take clothes off in the middle of all these disasters! Someone call HR!)

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duck shack agreement cover

Duck Shack Agreement

Submitter: My husband has the unfortunate habit of dragging home insane books that he gets for free from the library (basically they’ve been “weeded”). Now we finally have a use for them. This is one of our favorites: “The Duck Shack Agreement”. The Ballooney Tunes sweatshirt refers to her booming balloon delivery service.

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Will You Give My Mommy a Baby?

Will You Give My Mommy a Baby?

In a nutshell, today’s romance selection for Friday Fiction is your typical meet cute (OMG! My kid called 911 to get me a firefighter man!) and then romantic comedy proceeds to drag the firefighter and hapless single mother into a reluctant relationship. Hilarity ensues and she gets a baby, a firefighter, and still has the semi-obnoxious Billy that started it all.

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Capture a Shadow cover

Capture a Shadow

Another 80s special from the gang at Harlequin. This time we have a a poor Shelby, a book editor who took a pass on what was to be the 50 Shades of Gray for the 80s.  To make matters worse, her star author up and quits. Now her career is really on the rocks and she is bound and determined to get this author back in line. All she has is a post office box in the Midwest. Ah, the difficulty of stalking before Google. Of course there is no time for romance, or is there?

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Love and Lavender cover

Love and Lavender

And once again we have a “misunderstood” and difficult man. Will Hawthorne is relocating after a bitter divorce that left him bankrupt and out of work. Evidently the evil ex-wife ran off with Will’s business partner and took his two children. Rosie is taking in boarders and is also all about crafts, herbs, and potpourri. Naturally she is a good cook and makes her own bread. Martha Stewart has nothing on this gal. She even has a cat named Dill (like the herb). Get it?

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  1. “The Duck Shack Agreement” will never not make me laugh. Who thought that was a good idea? Did the people responsible for coming up with titles have a bet?

    1. It probably started as “The Fuck Shack Agreement” and they picked every *uck word while imagining how to explain it.

  2. Anyone else think Love and Lavender sounds like a romance novel for the closeted crowd?

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