Friday Fiction: Summer Lovin’


Those Summer Girls I Never Met

​Submitter: Oversize 80s Walkman?  Check.  Tight-Rolled Pants?  Check.  Teen with forlorn/bored/dreamy visage?  Check.

And c’mon Drew, just turn your head to the right about six inches and you’ll find that summer girl you say you’ll never meet!  Whether she’ll hear you above that Debbie Gibson she’s rocking out to is another story. . . . . .

Holly:​ But it’s Richard Peck! Someone might want this!

Nah, just kidding. I think the Walkman headbanger next to Drew is his sister, according to these summaries and reviews.  The only people still interested in this title are 30-something moms who remember it fondly and think their teenage kids might too*.

*Hint to those moms: They won’t. Give them ​Hunger Games​ and ​Gossip Girl​ and let this one go.


  1. I read a synopsis and he has to spend his summer on a cruise from London to Leningrad, with a grandmother he has never met. Turns out she is some famous singer! His grandfather is an on-board piano player, but an alcoholic.
    Meets girl, falls in love. I can only assume the girl must live in his home town, because what’s the point of falling in love only to never see her again when the cruise is over? Although her family is having a reunion in Russia.

    I never cared for Richard Peck (as an author, I don’t know him personally), so maybe this would still be a good read for middle schoolers, after all, his other books are. He still writes about a book a year.

  2. Shoot, Gossip Girls made a strong showing on my weeding report this month! All dystopia, all the time, here, I guess.

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