Friday Fiction: Stag Night

Stag Night coverStag Night

I am so glad that we have something for the men today.  Stag Night is an annual tradition at this “gentleman’s club”.  Our cast of entertainers have cool names like Madge and Peaches. Story is Madge is a past her prime but hey she is as much a tradition as the Stag Night itself.  Murder and all sorts of other unsavory problems threaten to wreck a really nice party.  What to do?

Please take read the list of who’s present. The descriptions are a hoot.  This is a keeper!


Stag Night blueprint

Stag night description

Stag Night characters

stag night exerpt

Stag Night list of chapters


  1. “…the stags settle down for a gay evening of ‘hot stuff.'” Hey, this book might not be too bad after all.

  2. Hee Hee, the stags settled in for a gay evening. This book is awesomely bad!!! You can not weed it!!!

  3. Hard to say from just the blurbs on the back and inside; I have paperback Ellery Queen novels from that era that sound just as racy and turn out to be intellectual exercises. But I do have a sneaking suspicion it’s quite bad.

  4. I guess the person on the cover is Henry/Henriette because when I saw that illustration, I thought it was a guy in drag.

  5. I’m kind of horrified by the descriptions of all the “entertainers”. “Peaches Perry, the strip-teaser, has a beautiful body and a ten-year-old mind” – um, I’m pretty sure that employing a young woman who’s got developmental delays as a strip-teaser counts as taking advantage. I’m not even surprised by “Henry/Henriette” because trans* and/or intersex people get so much shit in older fiction. But all of the others…geez. Those women aren’t even treated with any respect in their introduction.

  6. This may be the last time anyone close to a “gentleman” attended a “gentlemans’ club”…

  7. Is the floor plan really necessary? And “it’s men only except for Madge”… so Fatima, Viola, Peaches, Yenta and Louise aren’t really women? Then there’s Henry/Henrietta who is said to be half and half… AHHHHHH! It’s all TOO confusing for my tiny intellect!

  8. Stag Night is a “Map Back”. this was a series of paperback mysteries that had a map or chart on the back. They’re quite collectible and alot of fun! A lot of them can be found on Ebay.

  9. Is it scary that the Club main building on the back cover reminds me of Springfield Elementary School from The Simpsons?

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