Friday Fiction: Shanty Girl

Shanty Girl coverShanty Girl

Of course we have another great example of pulp fiction direct from 1953. Great cover art and a pretty wicked story of the “haves” and the “have nots” dealing with all the lusty feelings around the old plantation.┬áSteve MacFarland is the outsider who has come to live at the Lebanon Plantation. Steve has been comissioned to write a book detailing Gerald Staunton’s grandfather, a self made man. Poor pompous Gerald is married to Alicia, a cold-hearted woman. Over in the shanty is Opal, who just wants more than being white trash. Passions heat up and everyone is lusting after everyone.

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Shanty Girl reviews

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  1. You can sure tell that Opal is not what she should be–lolling about with her knees apart on the cover and the in the back photo, she hasn’t even ironed her dress. She’s doomed to a bad end.

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