Friday Fiction: Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility
original: 1811

Submitter: A super boring textbook from the 90s or a classic in large print? Which Dashwood sister is banished to the red chair in the futuristic building? So many public domain images could have been used – flowers, English countryside, fabric, etc….

Holly: I tried to find this cover on Amazon to get the copyright year of this edition. (I didn’t find it). There are lots of weird covers for this book! This is one of the strangest, though. This cover has been used for other random books such as A History of Mathematics by Florian Cajori, A History of German Literature by Wilhelm Wackernagel, and my personal favorite: Pleadings and Depositions in the Duchy Court of Lancaster  by Henry Fishwick. Not an awful library book, just a weird cover.


    1. No, a wonderful book, like all of Jane Austen! I first read Pride and Prejudice on summer vacation after my freshman year in high school and fell in love.

    1. So sorry to hear that — you have missed some wonderful novels. But, if you were possibly trying to read Jane Austen with the original punctuation, you should try a modern edition — I am a big fan but just can’t get very far into the two-hundred-year-old versions. Just not readable to me.

  1. That looks like a picture of the Seattle Public Library central branch downtown. That is a singularly weird choice for an image for this book.

  2. That is just a print on demand cover. I see them all the time. I personal wont buy them for my collection. There is a lot of quality issues with those types of books.

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