Friday Fiction: Rise of the Cat Overlords

Breed to Come coverBreed to Come

Who isn’t going to pick up a book with a cat dressed up with a hat on the cover? If it is also an Andre Norton title, then double bonus!

This particular title, set in the future, examines the aftermath of a planetary disaster involving a devastating virus. Leaving behind a ruined planet, humans took off for greener pastures. In the mess of what was left, a band of cats evolved into a complex, intelligent society. The humans, referred to as the Demons, have now returned. What will happen to this society and the peaceful earth now that the humans have returned?

I can’t wait to find out!


Breed to Come back cover

Breed to Come teaser

Breed to Come excerpt


  1. This is actually a very good novel, but the artwork is awful and detestable, indeed. Which is sad, because André Norton was a very good writer.

    1. I agree. Though I think part of what hooked me on Norton was that the first book of hers I read was The Zero Stone, which ends with a beautiful redhead appearing clad in nothing but her floor-length hair. Incredibly hot stuff when you’re 12.

  2. I own this exact edition — although mine has a cover in even worse shape! It’s a long-time favourite of mine. Highly recommended.

  3. Yes, indeed, this could use replacing with a fresher copy. Andre Norton was a great lady and a fellow librarian.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing… Also, if you’re into sci-fi books focused on highly evolved cats, I’d very highly recommend giving Gayle Greeno’s “Ghatti” books a try. 🙂

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