Friday Fiction – Prison Nurse

prison nurse coverPrison Nurse
1959 (mass market paperback)

This was originally published in 1934, and most holdings are in academic libraries. I have no idea if the original publication sported this awesome cover art.  I love the suggestion of danger. (A shirtless man in a bed also has a few “suggestions” as well.)

I definitely have patrons that love this stuff, and we have bought many modern pulp novels for our general collection. Maybe it’s my age, but I just love the forbidden look to these novels.



prison nurse back cover

prison nurse description

prison nurse pages 6 and 7


  1. D.C. – I’d say the “illegal operation” was an abortion. I assume that’s Judy’s new boyfriend?

  2. Her bed clothes may have been damp and her heart pounding, but I am so pleased she found time to put on that dark blue eyeshadow as illustrated on the cover art before facing the vinegary Miss Hopkins!

  3. Wow! Lucky Miss Hopkins! She has oatmeal (in which she apparently is swimming, as it does say she plunged into it) AND bacon AND eggs! It boggles the mind.

  4. I’d have picked this up right away if I’d seen it in a thrift store. You wouldn’t believe some of the “trashy” little paperbacks I’ve found in my local Goodwill.

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