Friday Fiction: Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness coverPrince of Darkness

A big handful of these old romance novels showed up in the library donation pile recently and I was loving some of the titles and covers. Today, I present for our Friday Fiction selection Prince of Darkness. ┬áNice English girl Cassandra, with some pedigree and ability to speak French, meets a tall dark stranger called Elliot. By page 3 they are married. Of course the trouble then starts. He works too much and she is bored. Mean things are said and Cassandra walks out. Fast forward a few years and Elliot comes back into her life. In the 20 pages I read, Elliot is an abusive creep and from what I can tell he is “saved” by the love of a good woman. Yeah, Cassandra and Elliot get back together. Yuck. I think I will pass on finishing this one.


Prince of Darkness back cover

Prince of Darkness teaser

Prince of Darkness excerpt


  1. Why are you two at this sidewalk cafe, instead of across the street at the fabulous “Chez Moi”?

  2. Oh, BARF.
    A term I do not use lightly….. But, then I am not “married to a man with a mind of his own.” What a couple of twits.

  3. Elliott’s dialogue is straight out of the Creep’s Playbook, Chapter Three: How to Mess with Her Mind.

  4. Wow, she went from no training, and not wanting a job to selling real estate in France? Lucky girl!
    From their conversation on page 11 are we supposed to feel for her? He has a point. He says to get a job, get training, get out of the house, if it makes her happy. How long can anyone stay content cleaning an already clean apartment and finding new recipes?
    He doesn’t sound like a creep to me, he sounds fed up with his wife’s demanding nature. She was “cocooned” and it was a “new experience” to find someone that wouldn’t “give in” to her. She sounds like a spoiled brat.

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