Friday Fiction: Price of Happiness

Price of Happiness coverPrice of Happiness

In today’s Friday Fiction, Theresa (Tessa) Ashton-Smythe is a wealthy young lady who was dumped by her fiance 3 days before the wedding. Evidently he had fallen in love with someone else and oh by the way, he was really only interested in her money. Devastated, she pulls herself together and after a chance meeting with the former fiance and his lovely wife, Theresa decides the only way to reclaim herself is to become a “regular” girl. She decides to cut her long hair, buy regular clothes and get out of town as plain old Tessa Smith. She does take her Porsche with her, because she can only be only “so” ordinary.

In the dumbest, meet-cute, set-up possible, she ends up hired by grouchy, but handsome, Matthew to be a paid companion for his ailing mother. No one knows the truth of her upscale past, because then the story would be over. Actually, the book was missing pages 32-65 and my best guess is that they had some really awful fight, but of course we know these two crazy kids will get together by the end. The whole story would completely fall apart if either of these two kids actually had a truthful conversation with each other. But hey, they are in love! They just don’t know it yet!


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  1. Wow, the Price of Happiness is $.95! I’m all in favor of being happy for under one dollar!

  2. 1977!? The author must go back a lot farther than that. Slacks with matching sweaters? A chiffon evening gown for special occasions? Powdering the nose for dinner with parents? Not likely in 1977 or 1967, even. Maybe a guy wrote it, and he asked his mother or grandmother about the wardrobe stuff.

    PS — This is my first comment but I have read. every. post! (Not all the comments, though.) Great job!

  3. Judith: Your comment reminds me of the hilarious scene in “Grandma’s Boy”, set in the rural 1930s where Harold shows up at the party dressed “strictly up to date… for 1876”!

  4. Judith? You should read the comments! They can be more interesting than the posts!
    I agree with Judith though, about the clothing. Maybe it has something to do with where the author lives? I didn’t look it up, but she/he spells our US “check” as “cheque.” So, maybe they did dress that was in the 70s in parts of Canada, or more likely the UK.
    I graduated high school in 1975, and I would never have worn “slacks” and a matching sweater! I wore denim jeans, and my prom dress was not chiffon, but a very revealing slinky dress! Embarrassing now to see just how revealing it was! Why my mother bought it I don’t know…

  5. If that’s the case, the “Price of Happiness” is evidently international sanctions and isolation.

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