Friday Fiction: Paging Dr. Devastating!

Dr. DevastatingDr. Devastating

I will be honest, the only reason I requested this book is because of the title. How can you resist a title like Dr Devastating?  You can’t! Of course we have a reluctant Nurse Practitioner Lee who is all business with those darn doctors, until Dr Devastating shows up. The series is called “Prescription: Marriage” so I think we can guess where this story is headed. Enjoy!


Dr. Devastating back cover

Dr. Devastating teaser


  1. Why is the good doctor standing in front of the state legislature? Has he been lobbying or something? Or is that a courthouse he’s getting sued for malpractice in?

  2. No comment on the author’s last name? “Rimmer” I mean really, now.

  3. I checked the sample chapters on Amazon, so…
    Wow, this nurse sits at her post in the hospital, day dreaming she is Josephine and the good doctor is Napoleon! She has imaginary conversations in her head, and pictures the doctor dresses as Napoleon, as she stretches out on her divan, inhaling to expose her “imaginary” bosom more than already revealed!
    The doc brings her back to reality and her response? “Mmm?” And when he asks her a question, she only nods.
    He catches her leaving an elderly patient in his room unattended for more than an hour, she lies about it being a few minutes.
    But, she means well. She reunites lost children with their injured mamas (I think she has been beaten, and Lee will save the day), “worked with obese people, helping them to establish diets…,” works overtime.
    I can’t believe the things that get published!

  4. Former Library Director: That was the first thing I noticed, too. Time for a pseudonym (unless that is her pseudonym?).

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