Friday Fiction: Overnight Cinderella

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Overnight Cinderella

I usually grab any title that features a librarian so I am ready for our library themed posts for National Library Week. I was going to feature this one, but the librarian part of our heroine’s life was barely there. Evidently, our heroine, Cami, traded in her research librarian cardigan for a more glamorous job in event planning.

I think the author used “librarian” as a metaphor for virginal and shy. (Come to think of it, I don’t know too many librarians that give off the virginal and shy vibe. But I digress.) Anyway, she meets Duke, the corporate suit in charge of security for Pryce Enterprises. Of course Duke and Cami have to work together due to security issues for a big gala that Pryce was hosting.

Duke thinks Cami is overly modest, and kind of boring. However, he can’t deny that there is some attraction going on. Of course Cami transforms herself into a spectacular looking woman (just like Cinderella). Duke confronts his tortured past and the two eventually get together.

I’ve read worse. The Cinderella theme isn’t my favorite, but I do think this would work in a romance collection just fine. I just was hoping for more library and less event planning.


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  1. *Gak* “He sees past my surface to the passionate woman underneath.” In years of conversing with female friends, I’m so glad to say I’ve never heard anybody refer to themselves in this way. *Urp*

  2. Duke, leave the twelve-year-old girl alone, you filthy pervert.

    Based on Cami’s speech, I’m guessing she’s a sixth grader.

    1. She looks full-grown on the cover, which means she only has the mind of a 12 year old and is thus intellectually challenged, which means… he’s still a filthy pervert.

      Lock! Him! Up!

  3. Oh, I get it.

    This is set on some alien planet/alternate universe where people talk and behave very differently than us here.

    Which means maybe she really did have a fairy godmother who turned her cardigan into that gown. Does she leave a shoe behind after the gala?

    And who turns a research librarian into an event coordinator, instead of just hiring an event coordinator? (right, right, different world)

  4. I suspect all these “like Longines” novellettes use the same diction and language to move their stories along, not unlike those primers in first grade where Nan and Bob and Spot the dog run and stop and go and do a lot of things so little students can learn how to read. I can understand that for those primers, but after we learn how to read without moving our lips, then it becomes pretense.

  5. Good grief. Do people really read this rubbish? It’s laughable, and so poorly written. My brain would explode if I had to read that. Or, more likely, it would shrink and implode. Gah. If it was in my library I’d make it my life’s mission to be rid of it and anything else like it. I mean, really.

  6. “His control weakened and his groin tightened?” Yuck. This is the 2nd romance book in a row to talk about what people’s genitals are doing in an otherwise casual business-ish setting. It’s kind of disturbing.

  7. Probably half of a romance collection could be swapped for straight up text-only porn and no one would be the loser.

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