Friday Fiction: Nurse Smith, Cook

Nurse Smith, Cook coverNurse Smith, Cook

Nurse Fiona is a single gal from Scotland and has taken in her sister’s bratty boy called “Bonus”, which is evidently some horrible nickname for William. (Seriously? Was Bill or Billy too sensible?) The story about the sister and the baby is rather vague.

In the first chapter, Fiona is engaged for about 5 minutes to a doofus named Graham. This guy is completely clueless and has a few “mommy” issues. He also doesn’t want to take in a kid so Fiona dumps him by the end of the chapter.Fast forward, Bonus’ father demands some custody and Fiona tags along to Australia as a cook, but nursing skills come in handy. ¬†Family secrets are revealed and love blossoms. Cue the music.

I had trouble staying interested in this particular story and gave up after about 5 chapters. ¬†When the theme is “misunderstanding”, I usually check out of the story. I am too angry at everyone for not sharing facts that might actually solve a few problems.


Nurse Smith, Cook back cover

Nurse Smith, Cook excerpt


  1. What’s with all these romance novels and the “going to Australia” thing? I guess maybe the rugged terrain was assumed to be a good stock setting for a romance?

  2. I’ve been noticing the same little black splotches on your scans of covers and pages for quite a while. Could you try cleaning off the screen of your scanner, please? (I couldn’t find an email address to send this comment to.)

  3. When does the book mention her left shoulder deformity, with that black head growing out of it? And doesn’t she get tired of people talking to her shoulder head rather than to her?

  4. They left out a comma when they printed the cover. In addition to being a nurse who cooks, she makes horseshoes. You would’ve read about that in Chapter 6.

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