Friday Fiction: My Favorite Cowboy

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My Favorite Cowboy

A Pygmalian Tale for the modern age!

Rough around the edges, Jarred is a cowboy and a rodeo rider. He also seems to have a nice pile of money. Trouble is he knows he just doesn’t have the social skills for super cool socialite Victoria. Jarred knows he has to step up his manly game and get himself nice and fancy. Where does someone go to learn this? The public library of course! (They really do have everything.) Turns out childhood pal Serena went to college, and because she is super smart, she became a librarian. Poor Serena is in a pickle since the library couldn’t pass a levy and she hasn’t had a raise in forever. Serena is behind on some student loans. So for extra cash, ┬áSerena agrees to tutor Jarred on the social graces. Fast forward, the sparks fly. (But I bet you knew that!)

This title has been popular at my library and is a good choice for a romance collection. I am also going to give this author some credit as this is one of the few romances with public librarians that even hint at money struggles for both the institution and the staff.


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  1. “There, there, honey. Stop crying, now,” he crooned, patting her butt.”

    That has to be the line of the week for me!

    And she doesn’t want to tell him it isn’t “good manners to grab girls’ rears” comes in a close second!

  2. Shouldn’t that be JARED (one ‘e’).

    ‘Jarred’ means ‘put in a jar’ or ‘knocked violently’. ‘Jared’ is a name from the Bible.

  3. I, like Ralph, saw “jarred” instead of “Jared” and that whole patting the butt thing, sounds like something my husband would do.

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