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My Angelica coverMy Angelica

Submitter: A young girl who dreams of becoming a romance novelist?? Recently weeded from a public library juvenile section.

Holly: The girl on the cover does look a bit young. Maybe it’s the overalls she’s wearing. Is there any indication of how much <ahem!> “adult” material she includes in her romance novels? Where did she learn all that, in the school yard? Also, someone should tell her that it’s much more efficient to use word processing software to write a novel than a spiral-bound notebook. Or maybe pencil and paper are part of her creative process.


  1. Depending on the actual story, it could be sort of funny — how a young girl imagines romance in the grand tradition, set against a real world plot. There certainly seem to be a lot of girls writing romance ships into stories that don’t have them, so… I don’t know. If it’s not circ-ing, weed it, but it’s not necessarily awful on its face.

  2. Maybe she’s read a bunch of romance novels and wants to take a stab at it. She doesn’t look so young it’s implausible.

    While typing may be more efficient, I don’t think kids her age were as likely to have their own computer in 1999. She’d probably be sharing a family computer, which makes a notebook slightly more practical.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I was 14-15 when this book was published so I was about the same age as the protagonists. There wasn’t even a computer in my house and it was still acceptable at school to turn in handwritten term papers. I also loved to write and erasable pens and spiral notebooks were like gold to me back then.

  3. Doesn’t look like such an awful book to me. I guess it would depend on characterization, plot, etc, just like any other book. But I wouldn’t weed it due to the subject matter.

  4. Getting a bit dated now, but hilarious story! The girl is looking for her own Prince Charming with a backdrop of sweeping vistas, etc.; of course it takes forever for her to notice the very nice normal kid pining after her. Perfect for the 6th grader who can take only so much “romance” in a romance.

  5. I liked this one a lot back when I was a kid, actually! All the romantic heroes in her stories had eyepatches, though, which was weird.

  6. Actually, I do find writing by hand helps me formulate thoughts. In cursive, not print, because writing by hand by print, hurts.

    WTF is with that guy…I assumed those are sunglasses he is wearing, but miss amy says eyepatches.

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