Friday Fiction: Light Up!

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Light Up

Kind of breaking my own rule about “library” books, but this cover is just too cool to let slide. (I am a total sucker for a good cover art!)  I couldn’t find any holdings in WorldCat or much in Google other than other pulp cover art. Every page is a tribute to sex and drugs. Hey, it was the 60s! Anyway, any experts on pulp hopefully can weigh in on some background information on this publisher and author.




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  1. Poked Google and came across this:

    ‘”Satellite Publications” had various imprints – “After Hours”, ” First Niter”, “Nitey Nite”, “Unique Books” and “Wee Hours”. They were based in New York City, but listed various locations in their publications: Buffalo, Culver City and Cleveland.’

  2. Nude painting => talking about sex I can see. Talking about sex => orgies? Seems unlikely.

  3. Do you suppose the poster of those photos owns the books? They are horrifyingly attractive, like a light to a moth!

    There are two by this author on eBay, if you want to spend $120.00,
    Pick Up and Tormented Virgin. Apparently its the cover art that is collectable, the comic artists being well-known “fetish” artists!

  4. The style of the narrative reminds me of a 1940’s gumshoe voice over like the beginning of Laura, or the beginning of a “Letters to Penthouse” piece.

  5. Is it just me or does the lady wearing the orange sweater look like she has a pencil across her boobs?

  6. I have no idea if they own the books. Their account is full of old weirdness like that though. XD

    If you have a Flickr account you can send them a message and get more info.

  7. Yes, Chris S., the first thing I thought when I saw the cover was to wonder, “Why does that woman have a pencil in her shirt?”

  8. Fantastic 60s sleaze cover art by Bill Alexander. Based in NYC he, along with Gene Bilbrew, was one of the very few black illustrators. Almost nothing is known about his life. And yes, Lisa, I own all the books posted in my Flickr stream.

  9. Well, in the text, is says that the nude girl in the painting has breasts that have “tips as hard as pencils”. Maybe that is what the cover is trying to illustrate.

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