Friday Fiction: It Must Be Magic

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It Must Be Magic

The eighties live again in this teen romance. Kerrie, a rather bookish high school junior has a not so secret crush on Mike Price. During the annual “Genie Week”, Kerrie’s friends arrange it so that her “genie” for the week is Mike.  (I am still trying to figure out the educational value of girls getting a high school boy as a genie to do their bidding for an entire week.) Kerrie gets mixed up because it seems that Mike likes her. But is he only doing that because he has to? Kerrie is convinced that no one likes smart girls so she must be completely wrong to expect him to actually like her. She is not one of the cool kids. Of course, hijinks ensue, and I will leave it to you to guess how this ends.


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  1. i had a blouse like that. and at my school those were known at punk-funk headbands.

  2. We did this, without the cultural overtones, as a fundraiser during Homecoming week when I was in high school. But the idea was more to make the person do embarrassing things than just to carry your books around. So there’s a picture in the yearbook of a top football player wearing a boa and skirt while lipsyncing to Michael Jackson in the cafeteria. Only rich kids could afford to control the quarterback, though.
    I feel like I read this book back in the day, but I think I am mixing it up with one where a school had a psychic themed dance and the narrator tried to get the guy by predicting his future. I think she was trying to get taller by hanging upside down each day because she hated being short.

  3. OK, I never heard of anything like this, but I’m the wrong age; I didn’t go to high school in the 80’s.

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