Friday Fiction: House of Mirrors

House of Mirrors coverHouse of Mirrors

Yes folks, we have another old time romance. Again our theme is nice spirited young lady “rescues” nasty jerk of a guy. Sparks fly and he eventually realizes she is a catch. Ah, the love of a good woman can cure anyone!

Liz is a children’s book author and “reformed” tomboy. Grant was a successful doctor/surgeon and has suffered an accident. His fiance, Myra Cavendish dumped him when he lost his skills and zest for life. Of course Liz knew all along that Myra was a big fat waste of time because she never understood a complex asshat like Grant. Sounds like Myra was the smart one! Grant comes home and Liz helps him recover. Sparks fly, romance blooms, and you know the rest.


House of MIrrors back cover

House of Mirrors teaser

House of Mirrors excerpt


  1. Sheesh, what is it with the “forced into marriage” or “loveless marriage” storyline? Someone must’ve found it romantic, since book after book used it as a plot device. It’s like these were written in the 1870s instead of the 1970s.

    Also creepy is the language used around his kiss approach: “You’re hurting me,” “purposeful way,” “forcibly suppressed her fears,” “scared rabbit,” “frighten you.”
    Being terrified is not sexy.

  2. Some years ago, I heard that Romance writers make lots of money, so I thought I’d explore the possibility. First, I realized, I needed to read some Romance novels to see how they are organized, etc. I never got through the first chapter of the first one. Ugh.

  3. The only correct response when someone says “You’re hurting me” is “Sorry I didn’t mean to.”

  4. I totally agree with Lurker! We so need a separate ALB blog for these old Harlequins. As bad as this one is though, I still love the cover art.

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