Friday Fiction – Galactic Aliens

Galactic Aliens coverGalactic Aliens

Submitter: A student brought the following book to our attention for review and weeding…because he wanted it. Why is this book awful? Well, it is a book that claims to be the most important book since The Bible. It is bad science fiction from 1979. We are an academic library so I’m not sure why we still had the book. My guess is that it was hiding among the quality science fiction.

Holly: I had to dig a bit to figure this one out. It is a fiction book that is formatted like a non-fiction catalog of alien beings. The author is a horror film critic. So, unless you have a run on sci-fi about intergalactic confederations and alien life, you can probably let this one go now.  It might have done well in a teen department in a public library in the early 1980s, but it seems like an odd choice for an academic library.

Galactic Aliens contents

Planet Earth

The Humans


  1. I’m pretty sure I read that. And a few other books in the same series (one being a history of space flight in the future). ISTR they basically bought reproduction rights to a bunch of SF paintings by a handful of artists, then tried to fit them into something like a narrative.

  2. When I was in elementary school the library went on a weeding spree and every student was allowed to choose a book. This book would be a good candidate for that.

  3. As a space opera writer I NEED this book nao! I’m sure it would be a great source of inspiration. Off to the ebay.

    Oops, it is actually quite expensive. Especially for me on my starving artist salary:-)

  4. Oh my goodness — thank you so much for posting this! A family friend showed me this book back in the mid-90s, when I was a little kid. Every few years I tried to track down a copy, but I could only remember particular illustrations, not the title. You have cleared up a decades-long mystery for me 😀

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