Friday Fiction: Don’t Touch Me

Don't Touch Me coverDon’t Touch Me

It’s Friday and I have another novel of the 50s for everyone to enjoy. I was just admiring the cover art, when I realized this was written by MacKinlay Kantor. Kantor has quite a resume, including a Pulitzer Prize in 1956 for the novel Andersonville. I can’t speak to this particular novel, but I have read Andersonville and it is excellent.


Don't Touch Me back cover

Don't Touch Me teaser


  1. Did anyone else read the title of this book and then immediately sing in their heads “oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh,” ala M.C. Hammer style?

    Of course, laughter (out loud at my desk) soon followed.

  2. What, dare I ask, is a ‘sing-song girl’? And why does the woman on the front cover look so pasty white?

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