Friday Fiction: DeKok and the Naked Lady

Dekok and the Naked LadyDeKok and the Naked Lady

Submitter: The eyeballs are particularly choice, I think.

Holly: <Snort!> The 12-year-old in me loves this title. I love the weird cover, too.

Seriously, though, these are popular mystery novels by a Dutch author. The detective, DeKok (which means “Cook”) apparently spells his name for people when he meets them. This series was made into a TV show, too, named for the author.

This was submitted by a public library in Illinois. I wonder if they have the other books in the series, if they have a large Dutch population in their town, and if I’m missing something because I haven’t heard of this author. Our patrons love a Scandinavian mystery, but I wasn’t aware that Dutch  mysteries were popular too.

Lastly, what’s the goo on the bottom edge of the cover? Ewww.


  1. Dutch mysteries can be quite popular. The ‘Judge Dee’ novels by Robert Van Gulik are very interesting. The character is based on a real person named Di Renjie who lived in Tang Dynasty China but Van Gulik makes the time and place feel contemporary.

  2. I’m guessing by the eyeballs that the suspect is Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  3. I’m surprised it’s from 1994. It looks like it’s from the 70’s or mid 80’s at the very latest.

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