Friday Fiction – Decision for a Nurse

Decision for a Nurse coverDecision for a Nurse
Hospital Nurse Picture Romances
[Year Unknown]

Submitter: As part of our Women’s Studies material, we have a great collection of British women’s periodicals. These include illustrated nurse romances, almost like comic books. Bonus, on the back, they profile 1960s music stars including the Four Seasons, Cliff Richard, Dusty Springfield, Herman of Herman and the Hermits, the Mindbenders, etc. The tragic thing is, as you can see, a big, fat sticker was slapped on the cover of EVERY single one, blocking some text as well as portions of the amazing illustrations.

I’ve included one cover and the back page that profiles a very young Mick Jagger. Despite his hair is described as “mousy”, I’m digging turtleneck and checked jacket!

I’m thankful that “…no reference or likeness to any living person is intended.” [See cataloging info image below]

Holly: That label looks like it was ripped by hand from a roll. It has no clean edges. There is absolutely no reason for such a monstrosity of a label. That text could have fit in one small line in a strip of a label or even on the inside cover. Side note: Since neither I nor Submitter could find citation information for this book, I’m including a scanned image of the publication info included in the book itself.

Decision for a Nurse back cover

Decision for a Nurse citation information



  1. We named our kitten for Herman of the Herman’s Hermits. She (yes, she) died of old age about 35 years ago.
    However, if I saw these magazines at a yard sale, I’d snap them up. Such retro fun! I agree the label is an abomination.

  2. Because of that horrific label, I thought the title was “Decision for a Nun.” Considering the fishnet stockings, I think we can be certain which way that decision went …

  3. The main color photo of the couple kissing looks like Richard Dawson and that lady from the “Teatime Theater” segment on the Johnny Carson show…

  4. Is that Paul McCartney in the lower left image sitting on the floor with an uncomfortable looking sleeping woman?

  5. What was the audience for this: nurses, women who fantasizes about being nurses, or guys who wanted to score with nurses?

  6. First point: Newnes was the original publisher of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Such a come down to this!

    Second point: What are “Brit Commonwealth & Empire Rights”? Some sort of copyright clearance?

  7. In real life today I can picture those nurses getting fired. Times have changed in the world of nursing.

  8. Hmm, even though women like to study younger men, today’s references list Mick Jagger as being older, being born in 1943. (“Yes, Mick, you can play your harmonica, just not in our group.”) And the list of compositions includes songs from 1963-1966, but does not include 3 from 1965 — Get Off My Cloud, As Tears Go By, and (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. A little too racy for a romancing nurse? Also — You don’t have to say you love me, Holly and Mary, but when will we know about the Problem for Sally? (More than that I dare not say.)

  9. I’m the “submitter” and we have over 30 of these titles and others similar; the cover illustrations are a hoot and the dilemmas these poor women face are legion. One story centered around a “plain” nurse who couldn’t believe her blind former patient she had started dating would still want her after his sight was miraculously restored…

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