Friday Fiction: Covert Agent’s Virgin Affair

Covert Agent’s Virgin Affair

Again, we have a innocent librarian that is mixing it up with super sexy undercover agent Jake.  Everyone seems to have a big secret. Mary, our innocent librarian is also trying to re-invent herself. Add in some danger, a dead father, criminals and the possibility of promotion to director, if she could just get that master’s degree (see the bottom pages). Of course these two are destined to be together.  Extra points for the cover art NOT featuring our heroine with glasses or hair in a bun.

I just love our continuing theme of innocent librarians getting caught up in adventure, danger, etc.  The best part of these books is the idea that the library is a calm retreat for the brokenhearted.





covert agent2



covert agent3








  1. That is so cute this author has no idea that you need a masters to be a librarian (bangs head against wall).

  2. What’s with the goofy title? Oh, wait, goofy secret agent plot. Never mind. And for the love of all things holy, why does she have to be a never been kissed librarian? Librarians get kissed all the time, ya know. Or at least i do.

  3. Who writes dialogue like this?!

    “I know it will be hard to accomplish both in this small town.”

    Um, I’m pretty sure Mary knows the name of the town they both live in!

    “Does this have anything to do with the authorities finding your father’s body last week?”

    Good thing the head librarian informed her of that, because it sounds like she didn’t know about it.

    Exposition: Ur doin it rong.

  4. Dang–I am working in the WRONG library! No secret agents (that I know of) EVER come in to my work! LOL

  5. The exposition in romance novels always ticks me off. Coffee couldn’t just be called “coffee,” it was always “strong brew” or “steaming liquid.” Beer also suffers becoming “foamy brew” or “golden ale.”

    And everyone is good looking and can cook like Rachael Ray.

    Also, in every Harlequin or Sillhouette, someone’s name has to have it’s pronunciation explained. If you are lucky, you’ll get more than one and maybe even someone with a strange name (Silky…It’s short for “Sylvia Kay”) explain his or her reason for having it.

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