Friday Fiction: Cover Art Creeps

Against That Day coverAgainst That Day

I have a real problem with this cover. Is it just me or do those look like plastic disembodied heads on the cover? I also think that little girl head is creepy and I think looking at this cover I will not be able to sleep well. I think this book might have to have an “unfortunate encounter” with coffee.

I can’t really speak to the book itself. This is a Christian fiction romance about a missionary family heading to Peru. Clem, the wife has some sort of problem with Peru as her parents died there. I am sure it all works out in the end. Regardless, I am sleeping with one eye open.


Against that day back cover

Clem is on her way back to Mason

Against That Day Pages 10-11

Against That Day chapter 2


  1. If I had to judge a book by its cover I would think that the story is about a woman whose husband killed her with a tree branch when they went to their daughter’s Irish dancing competition.

  2. airfare was too much for the christian missionary family so they just photoshopped themselves to peru

  3. “Clem has every reason to be afraid.”

    Probably because a mad scientist has grafted her husband’s head to the top of her’s and stolen her daughter’s body.

  4. I think Mason was actually the first successful(?) face transplant patient – that face doesn’t go with that head.

    As for psychotic toddler rising from the hills…nope. Nope nope nope.

  5. The driver sounds so disdaining of the senderistas, like they’re some kind of guerrilla UPS operation.

  6. Hubby sounds like an arse. His wife’s parents died in Peru, and he’s dragging her back there? Geez. Also not sure why you’d be on a mission in a Christian nation anyway.

      1. Haha! I do love how some Christians think that the “wrong” opinion on transubstantiation/consubstantiation will condemn you to hell forever.

  7. Why is the floating head of an 8 year old Amy Schumer looking like she wants to kill me in the background of the cover?

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