Friday Fiction: C’mon Get Happy

Keith Partridge Master Spy cover

The Partridge Family #6
Keith Partridge, Master Spy

Last November, I posted  Partridge Family novel called Marked for Terror, which was 1oth in the series. Lo and behold, another book in this awesome series has found its way to my doorstep. This time our super cute rock star, Keith, is on the lookout for a dangerous criminal. Don’t forget Laurie, Danny, as well as the little kids, Chris and Tracey as they all sing and laugh together. (I do remember being mildly disturbed with the change up in actors playing Chris. Maybe I was still reeling from the whole 2 Darrens incident from Bewitched.)  Feel the sexual tension as Shirley Partridge and Ruben Kincaid fight the obvious feelings for one another. Of course, by the end they all ride off into the sunset on the super mod, tricked-out school bus.

Gotta love my 70s television!

Master spy inside teaser

interior text

The Keith Caper Master Spy back cover





  1. Sometimes, I get thinking I might want to collect weird books like this— then I realize how quickly it would turn into hoarding levels of ridiculousness…

  2. Those Partridges have roosted in some libraries, haven’t they? They just will not fly away.

  3. I think you posted this book on the wrong blog– shouldn’t it be on the AWESOME library books blog?

    Where is Google and its scanner now?

  4. Glad it’s unabridged. I wouldn’t want to miss a word of this thriller. I wonder if there are high speed bicycle/bus chases.

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