Friday Fiction: Capture A Shadow

Capture a Shadow coverCapture a Shadow

Another 80s special from the gang at Harlequin. This time we have a a poor Shelby, a book editor who took a pass on what was to be the 50 Shades of Gray for the 80s.  To make matters worse, her star author up and quits. Now her career is really on the rocks and she is bound and determined to get this author back in line. All she has is a post office box in the Midwest. Ah, the difficulty of stalking before Google. Of course there is no time for romance, or is there?



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  1. Would I be wrong to assume the handsome author turns out to be writing the trashy bestsellers as well?

  2. What exactly does “outrageously handsome” mean? Someone who’s so handsome that you’re outraged when you see him? Is that a good thing?

  3. Let me guess, Mark is really Valerie, and she’ll get the guy and her romance writer in one neat package?

  4. Wait, let me guess… it turns out the star romance writer is actually this guy, Mark, who’s “helping” the main character. He’s been writing under a woman’s name because women do better in the Romance market or whatever. Then Shelby gets mad, how could he keep this secret from her the whole time, etc… but Mark just wanted to get to know her better, knew she would leave if she found out he was Star Author, and also he’s sworn off writing romance because of Reasons, and he didn’t want to make her mad (or, you know, something along those lines).

  5. According to the author’s website, *she* receives her mail at a P.O. box in Iowa. So draw your own conclusions! :–)

  6. Lot of men inviting women to slap them in these books. I’ve never slapped anyone in anger in my entire life so far. Am I missing out?

  7. Laughing extremely hard at Mary Beth’s comment. used to read romance books when i was younger and I always thought descriptions like that were odd but now hilarious when you put it in that context.

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