Friday Fiction: Candy Frost

Candy Frost Emergency Nurse - CoverCandy Frost, Emergency Nurse

Poor Candy! The love of her life dumped her right before they were supposed to get married. His name was Bruce and he was an artist. (Read: dirty hippy) Candy swears that she is never going to let any man anywhere near her very damaged heart and she throws herself into her nursing career. Candy gets her old nursing  job back on, wait for it, Heartbreak Mountain.  Of course she meets Skip, “the guy”, on page 2 after a harrowing bus accident.

Will Candy “defrost” enough to let love back in her life? Stay tuned!




Candy Frost Emergency Nurse - back cover

Candy Frost Emergency Nurse - Sick at heart

Candy Frost Emergency Nurse - Chapter 2


  1. I like that the original title was “Nurse on Horseback.” I’d like to see her try to ride a horse in that tight uniform!

    1. LOL. Perhaps she would be perched sideways in front of someone with arms as hard as steel, etc. etc. But the best sentence I can see is the one about the displaced behemoth crashing with a ghastly and deliberate inevitability. Was it a dark and stormy night, I wonder, to inspire such rhetorical richness?

      1. Thank you for that, Seabiscute. It really should have been the opening sentence, shouldn’t it? I’m still laughing.

    1. Probably the same reason you would think ‘Candy Frost” is a reasonable name.

  2. candy frost: as a nurse she knew something about snickers bars in the freezer, but what was the cure for a broken heart (besides eating said frozen snickers bars)?

  3. I think it’s hilarious that so many romance novels describe the hero’s chest as “wide.” in this case, our boy Skip is described as both “long” and “wide” (I’m assuming the wide chest the arms hard as steel were holding her against was his? Or is there a large storage unit on the bus as well?) and this make me think that Skip is actually just a large rectangle.

  4. Is this a sequel to the novel where she was romanced by Bruce? Do romances come in series like that? #3: Candy Frost, Serial Monogamist. #4: Candy Frost, Eternal Optimist. #5: Candy Frost, By Now She’s A Pathologist.

    “Heartbreak Mountain” seems to be principally a song by Buck Owens And His Buckaroos, rather than any actual place. Why would you call a land feature Heartbreak Mountain? It’s depressing. Lowers the price of real estate. And, why would you put a nursing station on it? Are there enough people living on the mountain to keep you in business up there? Or enough people climbing the mountain and having accidents? Have people really been waiting three months for treatment since Candy quit? Did they advertise the post or get someone from an agency or did they see through Bruce and say “Ah, she’ll be back.”

    I’m also wondering in what way the “strange city” was strange, but they probably didn’t mean like that. There is a place in China called “Thames Town” that is a nearly faithful reinterpretation of British traditional architectural styles, and almost unoccupied. That’s pretty strange. Then again, by reasonable standards, Las Vegas is a strange place. So is Washington, D.C., consisting as it does mainly of national monuments. Then, Boston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco – each in their own way.

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