Friday Fiction: Boy with the Dinosaur Hands

Boy with Dinosaur Hands coverThe Boy with Dinosaur Hands: Nine Tales of the Real and Unreal

Submitter: There are so many things going on with this book…a kid with dinosaur hands, horrible writing, crazy chapter titles, and the illustrations!  The worst part is that we have TWO copies of it in our Library!  Apparently the previous Librarian enjoyed it so much she ordered a second copy. From a middle school library.

Holly: There are definitely kids who will go for something like this. I’m not sure it warrants multiple copies unless it is a huge hit in your library for some reason! Maybe it’s grooming the next generation for weird sci-fi like this?

Boy with Dinosaur Hands

Scary man

It will grow back bigger

funhouse at amusement park


    1. That makes me very unhappy, because I’ve written and illustrated dozens of kids “books” over the years that I put all my skills and effort into that will never see the light of day, plus I made illustrations for someone who asked me to make them for a children’s book she was planning to write, but she has not contacted me in ages so I guess making them was a waste of time and effort. I guess I really am a failure. 🙁

      1. Not really. I wrote various stories that never got publisht and learned from it. Like Franklin said: “though they may never reached the wished for excellence of the printed copies, their hand[writing] is mended by the attempt.”

  1. The ending to that story is gruesome. Are you guys ready for spoilers? So the kid buys a couple of puppets that are dinosaurs and puts on a show with them at the school’s talent night. It ends in tragedy when one of the dinosaurs begins to eat the other – and the hand underneath it….

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