Friday Fiction – Blood Relatives

Blood Relatives cover


Blood Relatives

Submitter: I was weeding for grubby looking books in the mysteries when I came across this Ed McBain title. The real mystery is what condition the book was in when someone wrote “shelve as is” back in 1984. Hopefully not as moldy or dilapidated as it is now!

Holly: But it’s by Ed McBain! But it’s part of a series! You can’t just WEED a book by Ed McBain that is part of a series!

Just kidding. You totally can. I can smell it from here.



Blood Relatives back cover

Blood Relatives front flap

Blood Relatives broken binding


  1. If only it was still in print, they could have replaced it. (Spoiler: It’s still in print. I expect it was still in print in 1984.)

  2. I loved reading Ed McBain mysteries when I was a teenager, but then I discovered foreign authors and never ‘looked back’. (It didn’t help that there was a story where some poor character got flayed; I was disgusted at the idea and still am!) Too old school!

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