Friday Fiction – Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers coverBlood Brothers

Submitter: This cover is… wow. I’m currently weeding my public library’s adult fiction collection. This particular book last checked out just five years ago in 2015, surprisingly enough. This appears to be a first edition from 1976, and the address stamped in the front of the book is from three library locations ago! The description on the dust jacket begins: “The De Cocos of Co-op City are a family of hard hats who think with their hands and kill with their love.” Judging by the Goodreads reviews, this was a pretty popular book at the time and was made into a movie. Dwindling circulation, a seriously dated cover, and poor condition mean it’s time for this classic to go. One of my co-workers described the cover as “A depressed Freddie Mercury-Sylvester Stallone amalgam is comforted by a younger Paul Dooley as Judd Hirsch looks on.”

Holly: Spot on.


  1. “Paul Dooley” (Chubby De Coco) was played by Paul Sorvino
    “Stallone-Mercury” (Stony De Coco) was Richard Gere
    “Judd Hirsch” (Tommy De Coco) was Tony Lo Bianco

    If there was a movie-tie-in edition, the cover would have been somewhat less off-putting, maybe.

  2. The two guys in front look like they love each other but not in a brotherly way.

    Where did the little boy under shirtless man’s arm come in? Did he have a hard hat and who played him in the movie?

    Co-worker is darn clever.

  3. Those two in the back look like they were added way later, when someone told the artist the other two characters needed to be on the cover.

    1. You’re right. The perspective and posing is all weird.

      Also the guy in the red shirt is seemingly saying “Later. Me and the kid are on our way off this cover.” Or are they unrelated and just passing by?

  4. Somehow the middle guy looks to me both shirtless, and like he’s wearing a t-shirt, all at the same time. I’m not sure how that’s possible.

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