Friday Fiction: Be Cool — 3rd Grader Style!

How to be cool in 3rd gradeHow to Be Cool in the 3rd Grade

Robbie is the new kid at school, and of course his mom is embarrassing.  First day on the bus, he runs into a bully. Not a great way to start the day. Robbie decides he is in need of a makeover and changes his jeans and his name. Robert is a much cooler name than Robbie. Too bad his parents don’t get it.  But wait! His new “book buddy” is none other than said bully from the bus. Bo was held back and has some anger issues. These two guys become friends and lo and behold Robbie realizes it isn’t new jeans or a new name but confidence that makes one cool.


Be cool 3rd grade back cover

Be cool 3rd grade exerpt


  1. I was hoping someone would mention just what michickadee wondered! The pages shown are a bit confusing, since context isn’t there, but the theme itself isn’t dated in the least. It’s too bad kids as young as 3rd grade worry about “being cool,” but they do. Most of the reviews on Amazon are 5 stars. One mentioned this book is what got her reluctant reader to read!

    1. Blame my inadequate writing for this post! It was an iffy book and hadn’t circulated in a long time. This is one of those titles that might be perfect in one library and meh in another. In my opinion it was dated, and really had a more mild view of bullying compared to what is discussed these days.

    2. It’s possible that this would be hard to replace with another “independent reader.” If I were an elem. school librarian, I might keep this on the shelf for a teacher’s unit on friendship vs. bullying, or maybe for the school counselor to use. Believe it or not, the cover is already “not cool enough” for a kid browsing for something to read. Update required.

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