Friday Fiction: Another Librarian in Trouble!

Temptation of Savannah O'Neill coverThe Temptation of Savannah O’Neill

Oh no! Nice girl librarian has the horrible burden of being from a wild family. Gossip abounds as Savannah tries to live privately.  Then sexy handyman Matt Woods shows up. Temptation builds for Savannah as she wonders if he really is “good with his hands”.

Temptation of Savannah O'Neill back cover

Temptation of Savannah O'Neill teaser


  1. Kudos to the heroine’s name being Savannah. I love that name. I could use a hot handyman who’s good with his hands. Oh, wait, I married him and I work in a library. Savannah could be me!

  2. Maybe it is just me, but a guy who is so sweaty his shirt is soaked would NOT smell intoxicating!
    “For so long she’d been in control of these sudden cravings…” sounds like she needs to talk to her therapist again.
    I see that Savannah’s front door was “brazenly scarlet,” and when the door is answered by the matriarch of the family, Margot, Matt thinks, “It was no wonder men paid to have her.”
    This is part of a trilogy (Amazon not personal knowledge) and it is recommended we read them in order! The first chapter is there, and a real “hoot!” It might sound crazy, but in my house my teenage son will read this sort of book (from garage sales for a dime) out loud, using a different voice for each character!

  3. These things always claim librarians are “straitlaced”. Always. I am a librarian and the offspring of a librarian and I’ve been around librarians my whole life. Most of the ones I’ve known tend to be more accurately described as activist, hippie, feminist, snarky, outstandingly geeky, and/or opinionated than “straitlaced”.

  4. he made an appointment to make out with her anytime between 10am and 3pm that day. if he’s unable to complete the work himself he’ll send out a subcontractor

  5. The grammatical horror! Half-sentences, ellipses that serve no real purpose and so much more, all in a four paragraph preview are enough to make me run away screaming. It’s not romance; it’s a horror novel!

  6. I think this cover image should be used on a, “Have You Visited Your Library Lately?” poster.

  7. “The urge to close her eyes and inhale, to stick out her tongue just a little bit and taste the air that had touched him, was nearly stronger than her.”

    WHAT?! She can taste him on the air? Is she a pit viper or something? Is that the O’Neills’ notorious secret?

  8. “It might sound crazy, but in my house my teenage son will read this sort of book (from garage sales for a dime) out loud, using a different voice for each character!”

    Hahaha. I actually find doing stuff like this entertaining. I work in a library and I have also passed around library themed (and non library theme) romance novels to my coworkers for bdays that i have purchased.

    Regarding the straitlaced librarian stereotype, I would have to say that is completely the opposite of myself. 😉

  9. Don’t care if he’s “good with his hands”. I’m more interested in how he uses the tools in his tool belt…;-)

  10. “the urge to […] stick out her tongue a little bit…”

    Matt (looking up) : “Savannah, why are you sticking your tongue out to me? What a very childish thing to do. I’m out of here.”
    Savannah *sobs*

    I’m also with H. Savinien. Librarians are never straitglaced. I’m sick and tired of people coming up with the cliche of glasses/bun/blouse/pencil-skirt/immaculate hands and make up. It wouldn’t last 10 min. in this job unless you just sit behind a pc trying to look pretty (which may explain why there’s no Matt-the-handy-man in my life).

    Most librarians I know are quirky and down to earth, and had little to do with the fastidious image some people seem to have.

  11. I think I prefer the straight laced librarian stereotype over the nymphomaniac/porn star stereotype. Yeah, there seems to be a lot of guys so out of touch with reality they think all librarians wear thongs and sky-high f__k-me heels to work.

    Here’s a few links – the book covers are likely NSFW on the first, the second just describes some librarian porn book plots –

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