Friday Fiction – Angela and Diabola

Angela and Diabola coverAngela and Diabola

Submitter: The juvenile fiction collection at my library hasn’t been weeded in ages, but I do wonder about the person who decided to add a barcode to this book and then later update it with an RFID tag. It hasn’t circulated in at least ten years, the spine is about ready to fall apart, and the cover is dated. It’s time to send Angela and Diabola to the big recycling bin in the sky and let other, more current books take their place.

Holly: As noted under the title, this is the author of The Indian In the Cupboard. Does that make it sacred? No, it does not. It makes it worth consideration for replacement. This copy is in too bad of shape to warrant any more attention or shelf space. I’d weed it on condition and lack of interest by Submitter’s patrons. I’m surprised it hasn’t circulated in that long, actually! I kind of like the cover, too. Goes to show you – what works in one library is a waste of space in another. Do what works for you, everyone!


Angela and Diabola front flap

Angela and Diabola spine broken

Angela and Diabola back cover

Angela and Diabola chapter 1

Angela and Diabola exerpt

Angela and Diabola exerpt


    1. Yep, I was just about to say that. The good baby is blonde and blue-eyed and pink-skinned, while the bad twin is dark-skinned and curly-haired. To me, that’s grounds for weeding right there.

  1. Glad they got a picture of Lynne Reid Banks standing in actual reed banks. Publishers should do that more often with authors.

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