Friday Fiction: A Perfect Gem

A Perfect Gem coverA Perfect Gem

Jane Manning, our rough and tumble girl from Colorado has a bunch of older brothers and wants to be in security, as in professional bodyguard. She trains hard and her brothers and father expect she will give it up and settle down. She doesn’t and before you know it, she is guarding sexy Graham Smith. ┬áLots of action and the requisite amount of doubt about her feelings give this book a bit more juice than a damsel in distress story.

I mostly picked up the book because I thought they looked naked on the cover. I mean where is her gun supposed to be?


Perfect Gem back cover

Perfect Gem teaser

Perfect Gem excerpt

Perfect Gem excerpt


  1. She doesn’t need a gun. She isn’t guarding him, she is working along side him, guarding documents and diamonds.

  2. Wow, a female guard! That’s really progressive and awesome–a really nice change of pace for a romance novel. :reads opening sentence of Chapter 3: “Jane made him a sandwich…” :Sad Trombone: Never mind.

  3. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on with what I eventually decided is the heel of her foot.

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