Fratricide is a GAS!

Fratercide is a Gas - cover

Fratricide is a Gas

Our guy Dilke is the first to be miniaturized to help earth solve over crowding problems. Essentially, everyone needs to get small so there is more room. Dilke is a “microagent” and is looking for the source of some poison gas. I guess since he is miniturized, now your every day bugs are giant killer monsters. Sounds scary to me. All I can think of is a roach motel as a hiding place, but I bet that wouldn’t be good for miniature  humans either.


Fratercide is a Gas - back cover

Fratercide is a Gas - Pages 8 and 9

Fratercide is a Gas - Pages 62 and 63


  1. As a kid, I thought being shrunk would be a lot of fun. I could use the bathroom sink for a swimming pool, and my favorite foods would last a lot longer, and I could go for rides on the family dog. But then I saw “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”, so maybe it wouldn’t be much fun.

  2. Surely it won’t be that bad? I have pleasant memories of “Cold War in a Country Garden”.

  3. Apparently this micro-man has an “arrogant nose.” Gosh, they could’ve just written the book about that remarkable nose!

  4. I’m curious about the footnote reference to de Sade…and what that has to do with 1/4 inch of micro man.

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