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Submitter: We found this book in our university library and consider it to be ‘awful’ for a few different reasons. The book’s title suggests timeless fashion and style advice but we found the fashions in the book to be quite dated. The outfits, poses, and facial expressions in this book are priceless, but we’d highly recommend not following the author’s advice on what’s cool. Overall, we’re not sure why this book is considered relevant enough to keep a place in the University’s library collection.

Holly: I think the advice is meant to make you look ageless, not necessarily be ageless fashion advice, but I agree that it is misleading either way! I’m especially not digging the “forever cool original prints” featured below. The pink isn’t too bad if she maybe chose one pink piece instead of everything she’s wearing. Same with the monochromatic orange pajama-looking outfit. She’s fierce, and actually working it, but some color relief would not be a bad thing. I’m also noticing that some of the “never cool” advice on the pages featured below is exactly what is on-trend now, like heels with jeans, skin-tight jeans (aka “skinny jeans”), and even the aviator glasses in the last picture below. This book would be bad enough in a public library collection, but in a university, which presumably serves a fashion-related curriculum, it seems overly simple.

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Never Cool

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  1. “Fabric of a Seminole Indian design”: BEEP BEEP BEEP CULTURAL APPROPRIATION ALERT BEEP BEEP BEEP! Actually I really think it looks good, but then I’m not Indian so I’ll leave it to the experts to decide

    1. In fashion, borrowing for inspiration is ok. Otherwise, we’d never wear paisley, kimono robes, moccasins, etc.

  2. tucked in shirts don’t look good on some body types (or some shirt types either) and I like orange but that’s way too much orange for one outfit.

  3. Apparently ‘cool’ means ‘dressing like a randomly generated Sims 2 Sim’. Who knew?

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