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For Men Only
11 Iron On Patterns for Men

Interested in a last minute gift idea for the man in your life? Look no further than these awesome embellishments for sweatshirts, t-shirts and even underwear! Plenty of man-type art options such as: wild animals, some culturally awkward native American art or even some super cute jokes. (Wives and girlfriends can coordinate with their own ideas. Check here and here.)  Fashion can be yours, fellas, with the right pattern and a crafty lady.




  1. Iron-on patterns. Whoops! That’s an automatic red flag for a public library. If anyone wanted to make these designs the book wouldn’t last long.

    These seem to be black outline templates for the lady of the house to fill in by hand with colors. I don’t find the Native American designs to be awkward but the hot air balloons look like something more suitable for a child than the man of the house. All of them look like more work than it would be worthy to invest in a t-shirt.

  2. Make my hay? That’s a joke?
    That’s like a seven year old’s joke. And then they laugh and nobody else does.

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