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Submitter: We just weeded this 1999 web site design book today (in 2016…). I was a little embarrassed it was still in the collection. Technology-wise it’s hilariously outdated, with a cheesy, condescending theme to boot.

Holly: I’m all for WYSIWYG, but this is too old to be useful.


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Storyboards for planning

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  1. Oh look! B & W photos of web pages, what a great idea! Confused about the author–the book cover says Kathryn Toyer. Head of post says O’Hara. Like the submitter, I think the attempts at humor are cheesy–makes me thing you don’t take me seriously as a reader/user of your book.

    1. I’m not sure where O’Hara came from! Must have been working on too many posts at once. Fixed!

  2. MCI! Oh my gosh, I’d forgotten all about them. Good to know cats’ popularity on the internet goes way back.

  3. Any book that contains the words “This site uses … frames” is a candidate for the recycling bin.

    My local library’s book sale has a standing policy of no computer books more than 10 years old.

  4. Several editing mistakes just on the pages offered. “…sites with very little information don’t need to be and shouldn’t have search capabilities.” “HTML editors come in two varieties text editors…” If you must have a book on web development from 1999, you can do better than this one, I’d say.

  5. Are the people really supposed to look as if they are living in the 1040’s or 1950’s? I don’t get it.

  6. They didn’t have colour web pages in 1999? Or were the publishers just too lazy to use colour printing? 🙂

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