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stlylin cover

Great Looks for Teens

Since I am a librarian of advanced years, 2001 doesn’t seem that long ago. However, if you are a teen in 2021, I am certain that 2001 seems like an eon or two ago. Considering this book is around 20 years old, it is helpful to remember that today’s teens weren’t even born when this was published.

As a mature individual (in age only), it is still hard for me to grasp that 2001 is 20 years ago. I also think that if you have been in the library biz for a long time, it is difficult to weed when it seems like you just bought that title. In the last couple of years, when Interns have helped me weed, I found myself saying “didn’t I just buy that?”

I am blaming COVID,


stylin backcover

body art with Drew Barrymore

using blush with Katie Holmes

head shape




  1. Cover girl Lucy Liu was thirty-three when this book was published. Not exactly a teen!

  2. Is it too obvious to point out that most of the women pictured aren’t teens, and weren’t in 2001?

    I think regardless of the librarian’s age, fashion books for any age are probably dated after 5 years, definitely 10.

    This looks to have been a good book for the time, though easily assembled using stock photos, lots of white space, and needless excessively curly font.

  3. Feel your pain. You’ll appreciate this, since I have been blogging for 15 years, I can tell children what I was reading on they day they were born and often check the book out to them. *Sigh*

  4. To make you feel older:

    The ab-fab Keri Russell is coming up on her 45th birthday.

    Katie Holmes: 42.

  5. While I sincerely doubt any teen would check this out, many early 2000s fashions have come back into style. Everything cycles back.

  6. 2001 was very possibly the worst year of my entire life and 9/11 did not help it. Covid 19 was traumatizing, but where I live there have been no cases since April and except for wearing masks things are relatively normal.

    I heard some people think that because youngsters don’t remember or weren’t even born when 9/11 happened, they are apathetic and there should be another 9/11 to make them care. People are nuts.

  7. I thought the blonde girl on the cover was supposed to be an amputee before I realized it was Mandy Moore (isn’t it?)…just a bad editing job I guess.

  8. I think to most teenage kids in 2001, Sabrina was a teenage witch, not a neckline.

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