Footy Fan

Footy Fan coverFooty fan
Vol 1, No. 2 and Vol 1, No. 3

Submitter: Footy Fan – no not that type of podiatric lover – is a magazine from down under for Australian Football. It was dropped off as a donation to this American local public library. This will be kicked over to the for sale cart where I am sure it will walk out the door.

Holly: These are cool, although I doubt most American public libraries have a collection need for them. Yeah – someone will snag them in a sale, though.

Footy Fan cover 2

Fan Male

Mr. Nice Guy

Football stars


  1. Someone hauled these across the world and someone thought “Sure, the library wants these”.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks the guy on the first cover looks a little like Ryan Secrest?

  3. Ron Barassi and Ted Whitten are considered all time greats so someone in Australia might want to buy these. Though looking online they’re probably worth about $20 US for both of them.

    1. Yes make mony for library purposes with them. More than “2 shillings net”. If you write your ebay copy right, someone will pay extra for the backstory. That send it to a .au library if they can make some good use of them.

  4. Definitely put these online – especially the one with Ted Whitten. He is a LEGEND here – and Ron Barassi isn’t far behind.

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