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understanding food

Understanding Food
The Chemistry of Nutrition
Tannenbaum and Stillman

This little retro science book is all about food. This book starts with a discussion of how times have changed and that our ancestors were not as tall and that humans can eat anything, even insects.

Our authors break down a bit of history and science to instruct the reader on the basic chemicals. Not a bad book for 1962. Of course this is dated, and the scope of the book seems a bit much. The weird little illustrations makes me think the authors were aiming toward a middle school audience.



  1. I bet there is now a definitive answer on those elements in the human body that had not been proven to be needed on page 57.

  2. I love all the people in test-tubes and on lab scales. That earnest, optimistic belief in Science!

  3. exactly when did Israel and “her Arab neighbors” settle their differences? did this book come from an alternate universe?

    1. It reads “If Israel and her Arab neighbors can settle their differences…” not “When…”. I wish it could say that though.

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