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Culinary Crafting
The Art of Garnishing and Decorating Food

For the foodies out there here is a nice book on how to decorate your food. The illustrations aren’t much to look at, and hardly make the food look appetizing. Photographs would be a better choice, even in the 1970s. Beyond the book design, the recipes are just okay and nothing particularly impressive. The decorations range from a watermelon bowl to a piece of pineapple on top of a ham. You can even go wild and add a maraschino cherry. It’s all very underwhelming.





    1. Give women a little credit: carving a watermelon basket is really not difficult, just a little fiddly. Pretty outdated on the buffet table these days, though.

  1. The illustrations were the right choice over photographs. No 1970s cook book photo graphs aged well, some were born into social security practically they were so bad so fast.

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