Fondue cover Fondue and Tabletop Cooking
Better Homes and Gardens

Submitter: This copy literally fell apart and crumbled in my hands when I pulled it off the shelf. Loose pages, yellow tape and crispy, crumbly old glue. It has now been weeded.

Holly: Fondue is fun and tasty! I won a fondue pot from a food blog giveaway about three years ago, so they’re still a thing. What’s not a thing? Cookbooks from the 70s with old fashioned recipes like Steak Diane, with that plastic food sheen in the photos. Get a new fondue book. Don’t expect your patrons to settle for the 70s – especially if it is in that bad of condition!

Fondue back cover

Tabletop Cuisine

Tabletop Cuisine

People eating fondue

Steak Diane

Steak Diane


  1. We had a fondue pot(avocado green, natch), but I don’t think it was ever used, it just sat on our kitchen table and collected dust for about a year and a half.

    1. Ours was pumpkin orange and sat on a high display shelf in the kitchen, where my young sister and I looked up at it in awe, basking in the glow of its fancy-ness. It was a wedding present my parents received and it didn’t come down until 1983 or so when it made its way into the Goodwill box.

  2. We have a fondue pot we bought only a few years ago and we use it quite a bit during the cold months. It’s really nice for Mongolian hot pot.

    Yes, a more modern fondue cookbook would be welcome.

  3. Facing page of Tabletop Cuisine looks like Aluminum on the March without the music or corporate sponsorship. And something odd happened to the man’s shirt/woman’s pants on page 30.

  4. I used to have this very book. I don’t think I culled it from my home library until I moved US to UK in 2007. I don’t think I ever used a recipe from it, either.

    1. Really? Would you like to collect some of mine? My parents’ friends gave me contraptions like those when I got married. Some never got used at all. (But the fondue pots did — I think I got three of them. One was ceramic, for chocolate or cheese, the others metal, for meat.)

  5. Steak Diane sounds delicious to me.
    Disclaimer: this is also true of all food that has “steak” in its name.

  6. I ended up buying two old school fondue pots from goodwill several years ago; aluminum, one rust orange and one mustard yellow. My dreams live in those pots. One day I will get some sterno or whatever that canned heat stuff is, and some kirschwasser and gruyere and all the other stuff, a crusty loaf of bread, and make the fondue of my dreams. Someday… lol

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