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carefree cooking with aluminum foil

Carefree Cooking with Aluminum Foil
Reynolds Metal Company

Yet another helpful cookbook for those with aluminum foil who haven’t got the slightest idea what to do with it. (I suppose you can make these lovely crafts.) Again, we have some delicious-looking molded food. In the picture below is a stunning recipe for frozen jellied turkey-vegetable salad. It’s the pimento garnish that really sells this recipe.

The other recipes are unremarkable and hardly different or unique because of the foil. I did wonder why a giant hamburger was needed. How about a meat loaf or individual burgers? I guess I will never know.

Time to head to the grocery store so you can indulge with these tasty treats. You’re welcome.


jellied turkey vegetable salad reciped

chinese meatballs recipe

hamburger recipe


  1. I actually have several rolls of crumpled-up foil around my house that I sometimes use for crafts. But only as the “skeletons” for clay figures. For cooking my parents have used it to grill vegetables for BBQ, but they’re so soggy and mushy.

  2. A couple of comments:
    1) The cover picture looks like someone’s innards from a low-budget horror film.
    2) I never thought of putting Band-Aids on my burgers and certainly never thought of eating them with lima beans.

    1. I never thought of eating anything with lima beans since shortly after leaving college. Does anyone under the age of 70 actually eat them?

  3. I feel sorry for the poor Reynolds staffers (or whoever) who had to come up with the staging for the pictures. By 1975, aluminum foil wasn’t exactly a novelty or a luxury that warranted being part of the service of a dish. Quite the opposite, I would think. And, it wouldn’t look all shiny and unused — it would have cooked-on stuff all over it. And as for the recipes, gag — the Frozen Jellied Turkey-Vegetable Salad is hard to top, made as it is with TWO cans of condensed cream of celery soup AND a cup of salad dressing (I suppose they mean Miracle Whip-type stuff). Oh, double gag.

  4. Sadly, I’ve never seen the very best thing you can do with aluminum foil and food in any of these cookbooks, namely, use it when camping for cooking on coals. Who remembers banana boats from Girl Scouts?

  5. My mother would have lived this book. She used foil for everything– and I do mean everything!

    1. La Choy or somebody sold these. And maybe still do, for all I know — yes!! They also had two cans of stuff stacked together, if I recall correctly — yes, one was the vegetables and one was the sauce with meat or chicken, and they still sell those, too — . Amazing. But you’re not going to find me eating these, or lima beans, either, no matter how much butter is on them.

  6. Reynolds Metals!

    I highly recommend (with headphones) the film “Aluminum on the March” for more aluminum everything, including fabric!

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