Floating Baby Heads!

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Rembrandt Yarns

Submitter: This publication from 1946 by the Wool Novelty Co., Inc. of New York, NY, came in with a very large donation of women’s handicraft magazines. Maybe because it’s Friday, I found the floating baby heads on the cover particularly entertaining….

Holly: Collectors would love this! In all seriousness, there are libraries that can preserve this kind of thing and have a beautiful archive of old-timey craft publications. Your average public library is not that place, but patrons making donations don’t know that. They feel all warm and fuzzy for donating to the library rather than throwing out their stuff, and are completely baffled to find that these old magazines can’t be added to the circulating collection. I agree that the cover image is odd for a baby knitting magazine. How about some nice knitted hats on those floating heads? Also, my mom was born in 1946. Those babies are in their 70s now.




  1. Hopefully they don’t become the floating pouting boys’ heads on Major Social Problems, posted previously.

  2. I didn’t know you could knit babies! It does illustrate the maxim all crafters should and mostly don’t adopt: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

  3. Is anyone else struck by the fact that all the pictured babies appear to have brown eyes? The one in the top right corner gives me the creeps. That’s no baby; it’s a budding Mini-Me.

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