Flatter Your Figure

Flatter Your Figure - coverFlatter Your Figure

The woman on the cover does look nicer in the blue and green outfit than the red, so the advice in the book seems reasonable based on the cover. Too bad she’s dressed like a Golden Girl.

I do take issue with the section I’ve put a red box in (see second image below). Shoulder pads are never a good idea. Ever.


Flatter Your Figure - back cover

Flatter Your Figure - Sleeve styles


  1. I will never understand why we went through a fashion phase where women decided to look like football players…

  2. I love the “After” shot on the back cover. I wonder if she was instructed to hold that pose at all times for maximum effect.

  3. The “after” shot on the back cover makes me wonder if the scarf book from a few days ago had instructions for the “emergency napkin” look they gave her.

  4. I wonder if there is more to this book than: wear a long, shapeless jacket to camouflage your wide hips.

    1. Don’t underestimate the power of the long, shapeless jacket. It can camouflage wide hips, a shorter stature, broad shoulders, rage and hostility, the pain of being on a bad fashion book cover, two adult cats, the possibilities are really endless here.

    2. Yes, and it’s this:
      Wear a long, shapeless jacked to camouflage your thick waist. And wear a long shapeless jacket to camouflage your lack of hips.

  5. Part of the trend of shoulder pads is this: for women, ‘broader’ shoulders help detract from broader hips (a technique used with Joan Crawford, for example); for men, of course, it gives the illusion of broader shoulders and, hence, more ‘manliness’, though it can certainly also be used to help balance a bigger mid-section. Personally, I don’t see anything particularly WRONG with shoulder pads…IF they’re used judiciously AND are a suitable size!

    1. Yes, they do balance wide hips on a short frame, and I was pleased with the effect…in the 90’s and 00’s. A couple of my faves await rebirth in the attic. The rest are gone with the “Power Suit”!

  6. This book actually looks like it could be interesting and maybe the information itself would be useful (sleeve types, etc.). Those pictures, though, are what needs to go!

  7. I have this book. The photos and styles are so dated. But the information in this book is FABULOUS!!! She’s created a system where you figure out your figure challenges and she tells you which clothing details will look the best on you. I tried it and found several types of tops I had never put on before that looked wonderful on me.

    I hope she will up date the book, the information is timeless and very helpful. Once you know what shapes work for your body type you can stop trying on all the clothing in the store. Great book that has not aged well.

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